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Parenting predicament: Rethinking the Santa Claus tradition


Switch just a few letters and you can turn “Santa” into “Satan.” 

Not saying that means anything. Before you jump all over me by assuming that I’m going to try compare everyone’s favorite jolly old elf to the devil incarnate, please hear me out.

I’ve always been a fan of Santa Claus. I remember watching out my window on Christmas Eve, seeing snowflakes drifting past our outdoor light display and hoping to catch a glimpse of a reindeer, sleigh or at least hear a jingle bell or two. Read the rest of this entry


Defining faith: Actions speak so much louder than words

Contrary to what some people — such as those who’ve watched the musical “Annie” a few too many times — believe, many kids when adopted aren’t able to express their feelings all that well. There typically isn’t an opening floodgate where the child showers his/her new family with love, adoration and gratitude. The bonds of trust take time. The feelings and emotions can be guarded for quite a while. And that can be a hard pill to swallow for adoptive parents after all the hoop-jumping and i-dotting it can take to finalize an adoption.

For our son, who dealt with a slew of tough breaks growing up, saying “I love you” was especially challenging. There were times my wife and I wondered if we’d ever hear that simple three-word phrase. Read the rest of this entry

A hamster, basement steps and an object lesson about love


Who knew that the sound of hard plastic smacking on wooden steps could be so painful? So heartbreaking with each echoing thwack … especially after my 9-year-old daughter screamed out in agony, helpless to change what was happening. Read the rest of this entry

Center of the crosshairs: A new focus on daily living


Have you ever looked through a rifle scope?

Have you experienced the drastic change as your eyes adjust from such a wide view of the world to a clear, amplified image of one specific thing that was otherwise lost in the sea of the bigger picture? Read the rest of this entry

Looking for a role model?

In this age of Miley Cyrus twerks and Justin Bieber meltdowns, it can be hard to find a positive role model for our young children. That’s why Jamie Grace has been such a breath of fresh air for my wife and myself. She shares some very personal struggles and how her trust in God helped her overcome adversity. Let’s pray she continues to show our young people that living a Godly life can be so rewarding and cool despite what society suggests.