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Youth sports: Don’t miss out on a truly priceless opportunity


At each Selinsgrove AYSO preseason coaches meeting, Regional Commissioner Jake Mangels shares some statistics via a Powerpoint slide that can be somewhat sobering.
According to his conservative estimates, the 40 coaches/assistants, 10 referees and eight regional board members of the Selinsgrove region — which boasts 360 registered youth soccer players this spring — provide a $114,000 benefit to the local community. Read the rest of this entry


What the deflate-gate scandal really teaches us about the NFL and Roger Goodell


Forget the old saying about a wolf wearing sheep’s clothing … if we’ve learned nothing else from the Deflate-gate scandal it is that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is a sheep wearing a wolf’s clothing.

The guy who parades around as the enforcer has more bark than bite. Sure, he looked efficiently fierce when dealing with the Sean Payton bounty fiasco. He came down quickly – and forcefully – on the Adrian Petersons and Ray Rices in the league – especially when the court of public opinion started clamoring for blood. Read the rest of this entry