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Meds vs. mud: Unstructured outdoor playtime a critical solution for kids


It was all a matter of perspective.

To the six young children, the muddy, clay-bottomed stream that wound through a number of campsites at the Central Pennsylvania Wesleyan Campground offered an opportunity to play. To stretch their imaginations and then put their plans into action, building a small dam and exploring for crayfish and other critters during the excavation process. Read the rest of this entry


Twelve-minute movie, adoption and a journey through complex trauma

My wife and I have seen plenty of powerful, uplifting movies. Films that chill us to our emotional core. That trigger so many feelings it can be overwhelming.

But none of them hit us as hard as a 12-minute online video where one very young girl opens her narration with 11 powerful words: “Sometimes someone hurts you so bad it stops hurting at all.” Read the rest of this entry