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Youth sports: Don’t miss out on a truly priceless opportunity


At each Selinsgrove AYSO preseason coaches meeting, Regional Commissioner Jake Mangels shares some statistics via a Powerpoint slide that can be somewhat sobering.
According to his conservative estimates, the 40 coaches/assistants, 10 referees and eight regional board members of the Selinsgrove region — which boasts 360 registered youth soccer players this spring — provide a $114,000 benefit to the local community. Read the rest of this entry


Center of the crosshairs: A new focus on daily living


Have you ever looked through a rifle scope?

Have you experienced the drastic change as your eyes adjust from such a wide view of the world to a clear, amplified image of one specific thing that was otherwise lost in the sea of the bigger picture? Read the rest of this entry

A sincere request in the midst of a tragic situation


“Where were you when the world stopped turning?” asks country singer Alan Jackson in a song he wrote after the 9/11 terrorist strikes.

It’s a question we often ask after tragedies – moments that are seared into our memories as we create a mental scrapbook of big events that change our lives. Read the rest of this entry